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Dory Power

Dory Solar Panels

Dory Solar Panels

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High Efficiency Solar Panels
High-Efficiency ETFE 400W Solar Panels, Expandable to 800W.


Singlecrystalline Silicon

Shipping & Returns

Products begin shipping January 16th, 2023. Please allow 2-3 days for east coast and 4-5 days for west coast delivery.


20" x 21" x 2" Folded
80" x 21" x 0.5" Open

Power Ratings

400W (2x200W) - 800W (4x200W)
Working Voltage - 36V
Standard Current - 11A
(22A for 800W Panels)


Solar Connector - MC4
10 ft Solar Cable Connector

Working Temperature

-20°C ~ 60°C


400W - 28 lbs (2 x 14 lbs)
800W - 56 lbs (4 x 14 lbs)

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Included Accessories

1 x 4 Parallel Conneted Solar Panels
1 x Solar Cable MC4 to XT90 Adapter (For Sentry Connection)
User Manual
Warranty Card

Additional Features

Enjoy freedom of off-grid living with our 400W and 800W high efficiency mobile solar panels.

These solar panels can charge your power generators in record time and are a must-have for those requiring power while on the go.

400W solar panels can charge a Dory Sentry to full around 8 hours. Upgrade to 800W solar panels to charge a Sentry PRO to full in 4 hours.

  • Free Shipping to the Continental U.S.

    Each unit ships free to the continental U.S. Shipments to Alaska incur a $200 fee. No shipping to Hawaii.

  • Return Policy

    Return or replace your unit free of charge, if defective, within 30 days of delivery.