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Dory Power

Dory Sentry PLUS - Pay by Credit Card

Dory Sentry PLUS - Pay by Credit Card

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Dory Sentry PLUS: A powerful and durable portable battery generator.

2400W Power & 3800Wh Capacity
2000VA Uninterruptible Power Supply
120V input and 120V output
120V grid charge: 2.5 hours to full
800W Solar charge: 3.5 hours to full

Eligible for 30% IRS Tax Rebate: Form 5695 (

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Durable Steel Metal Structure and Enclosure

Shipping & Returns

Product begins shipping Summer 2024. Please allow 2-3 days for east coast and 4-5 days for west coast delivery.


21" x 10" x 21"

Battery Capacity

3800 Watt Hours
Continuous Output - 2400 Watts
Surge Output - 4800 Watts

Power Output

Output Power: 120V
Output Power Fom: Pure Sine Wave

Charge Time

Wall Outlet: 2.5 Hours
Solar Panel: 1600W ~ 3 Hours

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Additional Features

A Dory Sentry PLUS can power a refrigerator for 4 days, a home furnace for 3 days, a desktop computer for 5 days, a CPAP machine for 12 days, cell phones and lights for 16 days, and a microwave oven for 18 days to cook 3 meals a day.

Connecting a Dory Sentry PLUS to your electrical panel can run all your critical devices of a 2000 sq-ft home for 2-3 days.

Durable, Quiet, Safe

Built with a steel metal structure and stainless steel foldable handles, Sentry stands up to more than 10 years of service, and operates quietly and safely both indoors and outdoors.

Level Up Your Power

Connect multiple Sentries together to confidently sustain power through any situation. Or connect your Sentries individually via an electrical panel so they power exactly what you need.

  • Return Policy

    Return or replace your unit free of charge, if defective, within 30 days of delivery.